The cleanest iPad Portfolio

For Viewbook Guppies in the Dark developed the cleanest iPad Portfolio app out there! The app uses your online Viewbook portfolio and synchronizes it with the iPad resulting in a showcase of your work. Everywhere, online and offline.

You can add new portfolios as you go, re-aranging albums on the fly, adding portfolios with a tap on a button. Easy and comprehensive for all those customers of Viewbook out there!



Han Hoogerbrugge

Dutch artist Han Hoogerbrugge made an app with us.Looks simple. But wait there is more.....

Visit, on a computer, the site: Pump up the volume.
Open your app and shake your device!

First Dutch government App

We are happy to announce that we developed the first official app for the dutch government

With a push on a button the state secretary of VWS started the campaign "Meldcode". An important part of this campaign are the apps Guppies in the Dark developed for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app is only available in the Netherlands.


The scary music player for Halloween



Linda. magazine has gone mobile! Guppies in the dark developed the cms and iphone app

The app delivers every week a video message from good looking men to all those readers of LINDA. Magazine to get through the weekend. With push notification the app will make sure you won't miss it. A must have for desperate house wives!
The first video message is from Jakhals Frank Evenblij.

SP in Party

political sound board with quotes from the dutch eclections. play it, record it, share it!

Along with a handful of beats and samples SPinParty allows you to play around on a board interface with a library of yells and extracts from phrases recently uttered by Dutch politicians, plucked from their radio and tv appearances. You can use them to make up your own mix, and then record and share your 'poli-clips'.

The app was made in collaboration with Elephantcandy they did all the sound engineering, Thonik designed the graphics and Het Hoorspel took care of the audio content.


The first visual radio! Now it is fun to look at your favorite radio station.

RadioBones looks a bit stiff at first sight, but wait, there is more! Turn on the radio, pump up the volume and see the incredible moves of RadioBones. He dances to the beat and he knows what he is doing. Who said that dead men can’t jump?
RadioBones knows all the moves between ballroom dance and pogo.

RadioBones is a highly sophisticated piece of software but completely useless. (Except for those who have nothing else to do but staring at their radio) It does take full advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The accelerometer, multi touch and high-res screen.

Download and start playing.


Dutch photographers mobile platform app

With this app you always have the up to date portfolios at hand of the Dutch member photographers. Even without an internet connection, where ever, when ever you want. PhotoQ provides different possibilities to search for images or photograhers. For 50 euros a year photographers can become member of PhotoQ and benefit of 50.000 visitors a month! Visit PhotoQ to become a member.


25th anniversary gift of the mug met de gouden tand. A theater group famous for their plays and tv s.eries


Turn your iPhone in to a hand puppet

You can keep your shoes and socks on! No need for unpleasant smells in the room anymore. Sit under the table and talk into the microphone, keep your phone up and let everybody laugh. The fun really starts when you do this with more phones and you play you your own puppet-show, your own Punch and Judy show. Enjoy!

When your traveling kids are starting to droop, introduce this giggle-inducing app. You choose from one of four giant sock puppets. The puppet fills your screen and is sensitive to the sounds around it; so, if you sing, the puppet opens its mouth and joins in. Speak in an exaggerated voice, and the puppet mimics your speech. Tilt the iPad, and it looks in that direction. It is silly and mesmerizing, especially when you hide your face behind your iPad to let the puppet do your talking.